Oregon Steelhead Fishing

Many fishermen in Oregon vonsider Steelhead as their most favorite species of fish to fish for.

Steelhead are basically Rainbow Trout that migrate to the Pacific Ocean and return every two years to the Oregon Rivers they started life in.

While in the ocean these fish gorge themselves on the various fish and crustacians and  quickly grow much bigger than trout that stay in the rivers.   Most steelhead are 6lb – 10lb but fish in the 20lb range are also common.

If you think trout can put up a good fight you will be amazed at how much a Steelhead fights.   Many a hookup ends mid fight with the Steelhead throwing the hook and the fishermen left dissapointed with a slack line.

Steelhead are very good eating and can be prepared anyway that you prepare trout.  Pan fried,  baked, grilled, etc.

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